About Coldwell Banker Commercial

Coldwell Banker Commercial Jenkins & Associates offers a full-spectrum of services for owners, investors and users of commercial space, from market research and strategic planning to implementation and ongoing advisory services. The expertise of our agents covers all basic property types. Also, they are committed to unrivaled performance standards; which translates into bottom-line results for clients. As a full-service commercial real estate company, agents focus on providing superior professional services regardless of the size of the assignment. The goal in all assignments is to understand the client’s business needs and to formulate and carry-out creative real estate solutions that enable you to operate more profitably and productively.

The national reputation of Coldwell Banker Commercial places us in the forefront of our industry, not only in the Vancouver / Clark County, Washington area, but nationally. This national connection allows us to network your properties or acquisition needs worldwide. Coldwell Banker Commercial is one of the largest, diversified real estate organizations in North America. We offer a comprehensive national network with more than 450 Commercial Real Estate offices worldwide.


Services We Provide

We provide comprehensive services to our clients who vary in size from smaller local companies to large multinationals. Though they come to Coldwell Banker Commercial with a broad spectrum of projects and needs, they do have several qualities in common. First is the need for a real estate service provider who understands and helps realize their goals. Second is the desire to to work with an established, experienced and successful organization that performs exceptionally at the local level as well as the national level.

Brokerage and Leasing Transaction Services
Coldwell Banker Commercial Associates are equipped with the necessary skills to assist you with all of your transaction needs. CBC professionals have access to the market data that will help them negotiate sale price or lease terms on your behalf. Their local market knowledge ensures that your transaction will be completed in accordance with all regulatory standards and will meet your needs.

Investment Analysis
Coldwell Banker Commercial represents clients in both the acquisition and disposition of investment properties. With extensive market data, research, and a long history of success at their fingertips, CBC associates provide comprehensive investment analytics that help to evaluate and increase return on investment, as well as find alternative financing recommendations and individual or multiple location transaction services. Included in this knowledge is a very experienced team in the criteria of a 1031 exchange and Tenants In Common.

Tenants In Common
With our Tenants In Common (TIC) program, you can join other investors to access high-quality properties with a low minimum investment. You co-own the property and receive an individual deed at closing for your fractional interest. You share in the income, tax benefits and growth associated with the property. And, you have the same privileges as a single, fee simple owner – you can sell, will, grant, gift, or bequeath your percent interest to your heir(s).

Acquisition and Disposition Services
Coldwell Banker Commercial Associates work directly with you to determine your needs then strive to improve efficiency and reduce costs continually. We carefully identify and focus on target markets and prepare the necessary packages such as purchase agreements, move-in details and proposal.

Property Management Services
Real estate profits are created in four basic ways: purchasing wisely, financing in the most favorable manner, operating a property to maximize annual income, and selling at the right time. With a strong position in the commercial real estate industry, our Property Management Division completes the circle for Commercial Real Estate services by maintaining and operating your property investment.

We will always work closely with you to provide comprehensive property management services, while reducing expenses and increasing tenant retention. Our goal is to preserve your investment by maximizing the cash flow and increasing the net value. We take pride in the properties we manage. Our management team will stay in touch with tenants and address any needs they or the center is requiring, then communicate these to you as needed or through monthly reports.